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Sticks and Stones

There’s a lot of truth to the saying, “Never wrestle with a pig — you get dirty and the pig likes it.”  So when Jeffrey “JT” DeShong (JTD) called Nancy Banks a bigot, he deserved no attention.  After all, why would anyone care what an unaccomplished sociopath blogs from his aging mother’s White Settlement rental?

Nancy Turner Banks, MD

This time, JTD’s target was Nancy Banks M.D., who spent 25 years as a general obstetrician/gynecologist (OBGYN) attending patients at North General, Nyack Hospital, Columbia Presbyterian and Mt. Sinai Hospital and Medical Center.  Dr. Banks has cared for thousands of women who trusted her as their primary physician, obstetrician and surgeon.  Despite her busy practice, the former director of outpatient gynecology at the North General Hospital (Harlem, New York) found time to earn her MBA and write the book AIDS, Opium, Diamonds and Empire, which chronicles of the history and corruption of HIV and AIDS research and policy. (audio)

Pharmaceutical Handlers

As for JTD, no one would have heard of him if not for Cornell University Prof. John P. Moore PhD and University of Connecticut Prof. Seth Kalichman PhD, who first encouraged him to help them celebrate Christine Maggiore’s death in 2008.  Although millions of people die each year from adverse drug reactions (ADRs), Moore and Kalichman used their academic positions to falsely claim that Maggiore had died from AIDS – months before her pathology report was released.

Like Celia Farber, Peter Duesberg PhD and others, Christine Maggiore was both hated and feared by the drug industry for questioning the rationale of delivering deadly psychotropic carcinogens to pregnant mothers based upon tests that manufacturers admit are unreliable. Despite test inaccuracies, millions of healthy people (especially black women and homosexuals) are routinely misdiagnosed and prescribed drugs that suppress immunity, cause anemia and melt skin.  If tracked like heart disease and cancer, ADRs would represent the sixth leading cause of US mortality - far above the non-existent AIDS pandemic..

For Moore and Kalichman’s handiwork, the NIH pays their employers (Weill and U. Conn) millions of dollars, of which Moore ($34 million) and Kalichman ($17 million) are compensated for writing belligerent emails (2), blogging and managing unhinged activists like JTD.  Baylor also profits, but pays JTD something closer to minimum wage.

NIH and National Security

Although infectious diseases (including AIDS .0076%) has remained statistically irrelevant since 1955, President Clinton declared AIDS to be a national security threat the same year that South African President Thabo Mbeki questioned its relevance.

While US officials parroted hyper-inflated UN estimates, South Africa’s actual numbers remained insignificant as recently as 2007.  But because mine-related lung diseases and lawsuits threatened to collapse the international mining industry and global economy during the 1990s, the US government suddenly needed the harmless retrovirus as much as junk scientists and promiscuous homosexuals needed it during the 1980s.

The Politics of HIV

With the creation of organizations like Rethinking AIDS, HEAL London, The Perth Group and thousands of ethical scientists and researchers finally speaking out, pharmaceutical shills like Moore and Kalichman need people like JTD more than ever.  So when Dr. Banks published her book, they framed JTD’s objection with tired allegations of bigotry.

No one would care if JTD was just another meth addict.  But because he self-identifies as homosexual, he assails those who question his pharmaceutical faith as bigots – as if his sexual preference somehow excuses his self-destructive behaviors. When police arrested JTD in 2009, he was convicted of drunk driving - NOT being gay.

Jeffrey "JT" DeShong

While Dr. Banks carefully identifies co-factors like drug abuse, promiscuous behavior, anal intercourse, rectal injuries, infections, parasites and venereal disease, JTD (Moore & Kalichman)  twists her analysis as if she considers homosexuality itself a “lifestyle choice.”  Although Banks agrees that millions of responsible homosexuals do not engage in self-destructive behavior, ignoring the large minority of homosexuals who do would be – from an honest researcher’s perspective – irresponsible.

For example, Ghaziani and Cook (2005) described circuit parties as:

(W)eekend-long, erotically charged, drug prevalent dance events attended by up to 25 000 self-identified gay and bisexual men who socialize and dance nonstop, sometimes for 24 hours or longer.  Although these parties started originally as part of the gay community’s response to raise HIV/AIDS awareness and to build community and cultural identity, they may have become a site for transmitting (disease) across geographical regions and socioeconomic groups of gay and bisexual men.

According to their report:

The men dance to bass-pounding electronic rhythms amid multicolored lights and laser shows, often with exotic entertainers performing on stage, sometimes erotically…  (and) engage in… unprotected anal intercourse (UAI)… The parties themselves serve as “gay celebratory . . . events . . . important to many men,” who cite as a major reason for attending the “feeling of community” they find there… “a symbol of freedom for the gay community” that “brings all aspects of the community together, people from all walks of life” so that circuit parties embody “our family, our gay family…  67% of attendees reporting that they had anal or oral sex during a party weekend, and 49% reporting that they had only anal sex…  Most men reported seeing that condoms were available at the party, but few reported taking them. The incidence of UAI increased with the number of partners and of drugs (cocaine, heroin, poppers and meth) are used.

John P. Moore, PhD

Even today, thousands of message boards and websites (i.e. Just Circuit, Party List, and Circuit Party Guide) show that circuit parties are as popular as ever.  JTD’s feigned outrage stems not from Dr. Banks’ alleged bigotry, but that her book attributes the disease to behavioral decisions.

In countries like Botswana and Zimbabwe, Americans would rather believe that Africans are dying from AIDS rather than from environments polluted by international mining companies that keep the global economy afloat.

While JTD’s handlers want the world to believe that HIV threatens responsible people (homo- and heterosexual), their own peers admit that HIV was unethically promoted as a heterosexual disease to generate profits.   Even the discoverer of HIV admits that HIV can be cured without drugs within weeks but that the drug industry (and NIAID Director Anthony Fauci) cannot profit by selling clean water and good nutrition.

To sell their propaganda, drug companies rely on an army of gay activists who promote AIDS in theological terms.  Believers need not see scientific evidence but should accept what they’re being told.  To them, the greatest sin is to deny what activists are willing to die for.

Judas Horses

For hundreds of years, cowboys have trained horses to lead wild herds into captivity.  Like the helicopter-cowboys that terrorize roaming herds, the drug industry uses the media and Judas horses to drive gullible Americans toward their dangerous drugs and meaningless tests.

Seth Kalichman, PhD

Arguably, the industry’s most famous pony is basketball great Earvin “Magic” Johnson, whose early retirement created an unprecedented explosion of calls to AIDS hotlines and clinics.  Although reportedly cured by 1997, Magic has earned millions by pushing HIV tests and drugs in black communities.  In 2006, Magic received $60 million from Abbott Labs alone.

While Magic pushes pills in black communities, Peter Staley remains the industry’s undisputed prima donna in the gay community.  Shortly after researchers suggested that junkies (1988) and homosexuals (1992) could be used to educate the public about AIDS, the NIH, CDC and drug companies found in Staley a former bond trader who was not only a gay meth addict, but also had the skills to pitch deadly drugs (It was like being drunk or high.  Actually, I kind of liked it) while organizing a homosexual army that the drug industry could use to push drugs under the pretext of human rights.

This wasn’t a new tactic.

Drug Sales as a Human Right

Larry Kramer

Six years after the first group of promiscuous gay men began to appear in hospitals in 1981, Reagan Administration officials were still grappling with unanswered questions about HIV.  At the same time, playwright Larry Kramer and 300 other gay activists (including Staley) descended upon the FDA to demand relaxed regulations, low pricing and AZT (Retrovir).

When President Reagan asked about the controversy, then-HHS Secretary Otis Bowen MD warned that AZT “is very toxic and destroys blood cells and organs.”  Ten weeks later, NIH virologist Samuel Broder declared that AZT “reduces the occurrence of life-threatening opportunistic infections”.  After weeks of withering accusations that homophobes were withholding lifesaving drugs from dying gay men, the White House relented, which led to the small spike (.00015%) in mortality.  Coincidentally, mortality tapered in 1996 when they lowered the dosage.

Staley’s Army

Gay activism has been tied to HIV from the beginning.  When the AIDS hysteria of 1983 fizzled to mortality levels of .0076% in 1986, CDC officials began to worry that taxpayers wouldn’t fund treatment for a small number of sick men.  Drug makers needed activists to push drugs while the CDC needed sick men.  To make that happen, drug companies sponsored dance parties where thousands of men were recruited in baptisms of depravity:

The NIH reported:

In addition to smoking and snorting (meth)… some administer the drug anally.  This type of administration of the drug along with unprotected “marathon sex” with numerous partners can damage the rectal lining and increase the likelihood of HIV and other STI transmission.

Peter Staley

The NIH funds (directly and indirectly) propaganda sources like POZ, The Body and organizations like TAG and websites like AIDSMeds – both of which were founded by charismatic gay meth-addict Peter Staley.  Staley’s handlers also used him to establish gay activist groups like TAG, AFFA and Act Up.  In 2009, Staley asked for 100,000 more activists to join his army.

More to Come

As implausible as this might sound, a small contingent (HCGHAC) interrupted President Obama’s Harvard speech two weeks ago in an effort to extort more funding above the absurd levels already wasted.  HCGHAC is an umbrella group for pharmaceutically-funded activist/marketing groups that push deadly drugs like Sustiva in countries like Ghana, where children smoke it like crack cocaine.

Despite the spread of disease and ADRs in these venues, mortality has remained statistically insignificant in the US, Europe (2), Australia and South Africa (2007).  Nevertheless, the NIH continues to pay doctors to poison healthy patients – even children.  Last week, a toddler who probably won’t get sick from a few needle pricks was prescribed HIV drugs that will probably kill her.

It’s hard to say why people like Moore, Kalichman and others exploit JTD sell their credibility to an industry that has paid $8 billion to settle thousands of criminal and civil complaints since 2004.  But when they attack someone as respected as Dr. Banks as a bigot, at least we know why.

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